About The Pots


All of our pots are made from PLA Plastic filaments unless otherwise requested. PLA or Polylactic Acid, or Polylactide is made partially from renewable, sustainable sources like sugarcane, corn starch, or tapioca root. Like many petroleum based plastics, PLA is a thermoplastic polymer. Thermoplastic, meaning the plastic can be reheated and reformed. The process of reheating and reforming is referred to as mechanical recycling. Thermoset plastic, as opposed to thermoplastic, utilizes a chemical reaction in solidifying a monomer compound and cannot be mechanically recycled. It is a common misconception that PLA material is “biodegradable”. It will need favorable conditions at professional composting facilities in order to break down to its constituent components.  PLA is not the toughest plastic, we recommend our pots only for indoor houseplants. Some discoloration may occur if it is left outside in direct sun.  Your pot will live a long, long time if it is handled with care. 

If you come to a point where you no longer need your pot and would like to dispose of it, please consider these options:

  • Recycling Standard #7
  • Ship back to us at:  LIFEnlightened,LLC  107 Trail Dust Rd. Blackhawk CO, 80422
  • Contact your local Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and ask if they will take them
  • Check back with us for updates on Project PLA

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